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CRM website with embedded distributed engine for quickly and simultaneously searching Transparent Language's websites.
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Envion Software is a provider of outsourced development services in applications, corporate information systems, and natural language solutions.
Our company has well over 200 programmers, designers, linguists, and development managers, with expertise in conceptualizing, building, and deploying IT solutions, large and small.
We have international experience, an arsenal of sophisticated technical skills, and an outsourcing model that enables us to handle every flavor of application and Web/Intranet/Internet development requirement.
If you need to build technology to support your business goals and assets, whether from scratch or from a legacy system, we can help you—on any platform and with any technology.
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August 28, 2011 / Participation in Interspeech 2011, Florence
August 24, 2011 / Participation in (262) 853-1202 (Speech and Language Technology in Education) conference in Venice.
April 15, 2011 / Development of the tool aimed for collecting sound samples over Internet
These sound samples are being recorded by native speakers, for many languages and are required for training our sound analysis engines. The tool uses Red 5 server for sound data recording, Flex widget and HTML/JS web-page for user interface and Smart GWT library for administer console.
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