Man's but a bubble.

Andrea sketched a picture of an elephant for Carolyn.

We could barely make out two figures in the dark.


He dislikes the principal.

He opens the door.

I worked hard all day long yesterday.

"Hey, what's up?" "Oh, not much."

I've already called her.

Elias and Toerless sat way in the back.

I can't imagine what got into me.


I simply adore reading.


You must take his age into account.


He can't even read, let alone write.

Can you get a day off?

The students are talking about language and culture.

His extravagance is out of proportion to his wage.

I heard footsteps.

Dan will never leave you alone.

I have to go away for a while.

It makes me feel dirty.

It'll work for sure.

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Everyone laughed except Magnus.


It's a pity that you can't join us.


The sign warns you that the police will tow your car away if you park here.

I swept the driveway for you.

Are you lost?


I have several good friends.


What could possibly be that important?

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I am able to obtain a registration form for free.

She didn't have any pencils.

People left a lot of stupid comments on your blog today.


I don't want to forget Srikanth's face.

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I find it hard to focus.

The country demands social justice.

I was at work.


I want to close the account.

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It is not worth the trouble.

Kristen prepared Andries for the bad news.

If you're going to do this, you'd better hurry.

He looks like Johnny Depp.

Please tell us.

They didn't want to go, but they did anyway.

Shuvra probably won't even try talking to Malaclypse.

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Professor Johnson has a lot of knowledge about mathematics.

Let us help Leora.

I saw Jane go into her classroom with a smile.

Mikael is never getting out of prison.

We're back home.

Kazuhiro was wearing moccasins.

I've decided to leave my work at the end of the month.

Dory jumped into the lake.

I have to quit smoking.

I wonder how much Darby's new boob job set her back.

Did you just insult me?

Sumitro is tough.

I got out of the car at 40th Street.

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What are you doing up this early?

When I was in secondary school, I arose every morning at six o'clock.

I wasn't worried about that.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Perhaps you're right.

The party's Friday.

Pierce told me to shut the gate.

Vince didn't want to be a lawyer or a doctor.

It's been a long time since I've felt this bad.


Turn at that corner there.

When it comes to tennis, she is second to none.

This is the tsunami: the beach will come to you if you don't come to the beach.


You can't just leave me here to die.

There is nothing I can do to change that.

The two sides negotiated for days.

I just flew back from Boston.

George has lived there for six weeks.

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She saw everything.

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So what happened to you anyway?

I could not help smiling.

Kaj doesn't like men who sound like Oscar.


You must tell me.

The front of the house is painted white.

Old will bring help.

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Francis may not be hungry.

I have forgotten her last name.

Lar had no reason not to do it.


You ought to eat more slowly.

"Isn't it about time you tried photographing people or something?" "Eh? Snapshots? I don't know ..."

We have people everywhere.

This bicycle is mine. Yours is over there.

Learning lessons from Europe, Japan has to switch its economic-oriented policy to a consumer-conscious one, in order to cope with the coming unprecedented aging society towards the 21st century.

She mixed him up with someone else.

The shoes are the same size.

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I haven't gotten paid yet.

I feel exactly the same as Mr. Isoda.

The soldiers were animated by the song.


A square has four angles.

Nicolas doesn't know why I called you.

He said his wife in unconscious.

Thank you for the great meal.

We'd better go pick up Harry.

Try to do better in the future.

Nick detests Ray.

In some attempts, it is glorious even to fail.

As he looked through the store window, Dima's eyes widened as they fell upon a gorgeous black suit, and then widened even more when he noticed the 3,000,000.99 BYR price tag.

A man called Slim was killed in the accident.

This doesn't feel right.

Ralph won't forget this.

Miki didn't give us any details.

She studies philosophy at the country's most prestigious university.

There was blood everywhere.


Mah has a pretty good idea who stole his trumpet.

Where was he born and raised?

Some of the dolls are too expensive to buy.


I'm getting depressed.

Jisheng doesn't have any friends who like to go camping.

That may prove to be difficult.


This can't be what I think it is.


The roller coaster was really scary.

This letter has no signature.

I'm still upset about it.

The only place Sheila hadn't looked was in the basement.

He is still having doubts.

If you can understand this sentence then you need to have sex with someone.

Jock, we'll begin with you.

She's addicted.

I'd never seen you like that before.

He knows how to calculate his salary.

It sounds interesting.

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I like living with you.

Do you think Corey killed Shamim?

Don't judge people by appearance.

Emma and Ning seem to be waiting for something to happen.

As far as I'm concerned, they could do away with Christmas!

I know where Jaime's office is.

Actually, I feel like talking.

So valuable were books that the greatest care was taken of them.

The water bottle is in the fridge.


Neville will tell the truth.

If I were you, I wouldn't do that.

So, how long have you known Walt?


You said you were going to buy a new car.

We ordered some new books from England.

Unless Curtis is sober, I don't want him helping us.

Ah, those Russians!

The wind is blowing hard.


Which syllable is accented in the word "Australia"?


They extended their territory by conquest.

Breakfast is a smorgasbord.

When it comes to politics, he is as eloquent as anyone.

Let's strive after virtue and give up vice.

The selfish man was despised by his colleagues.

I know this district.

I tried to tell him.

Would you have asked me this question if I had been a man?

You've got nothing to complain about.

They're going to torture her.

We need to know what Mikael looks like.


Jim is liked by all his classmates.

The teacher supervising the playground became concerned when she saw a man talking to some of the children over the school fence.

The monk is praying.


Most of them just don't care.

I did not know that she has a child.

She gave out a sigh of relief.


I want to help you, Daniel.