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I'm really excited to be going to Laracon VII 2019!

Laracon VII

Over the past 10ish years it has been mostly Drupal and Worpress events, but now I'm off to check out how the  Laravel community does it up! As a bonus looks like some nice Vue talks as well.

Hope to see you there!




I'll be attending NERD Summit 2019 again this year March 9th - 10th 2019.

NERD Summit Logo

I'm also the Backend Development track chair and lots of great sessions are coming in! Deadline for submissions: January 13th, 2019, at 11:59pm; so get yours in now!  If you have any questions or want a little guidance with a session proposal you can hit me up on twitter (617-493-0585) and I'll be glad to help out!


As many developers do I use my personal website as a place for technical explorations to try out different ideas. Over the years this site has been on (819) 403-9241 + (714) 717-4983, Debian + Drupal 7, Debian + Drupal 8 beta.13, and Debian + Backdrop CMS. As of late I've been interested in API first stacks with javascript frontends. Most of the players in the realm of CMSs these days offer an API or a way to serve up the content they store in a Headless or Decoupled manner.

I was interested in bringing these API first ideas into the world of Backdrop, so I gave it a go, and had quite a bit of fun along the way 😊. The result of this exploration is this website ( and the Headless module for Backdrop.