I think we'd better get you home.

Put the bracelet on.

Clearly that match was going to be a very close thing.

Just give me three hours.

I hate that so much.

We could order a pizza or something.


You did all you could.

I need a distraction.

I wish to take advantage of your offer.

We still don't know why Hilda didn't do what we asked him to do.

Bud and Jeffrey are getting ready to go out.

I'd better drive you home.

It was thought that seaweed and plants were similar, but today they correspond to two different kingdoms.

I started learning Chinese last week.

She is going to marry Mr Johnson on June 4.

What the hell is the matter with you?

Gregge didn't light any candles in her room.


Kieran put the letter opener back in the desk drawer.

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Water contains hydrogen and oxygen.


Kamiya never asked.

Every week he goes fishing.

I think you must be getting tired.

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I helped him walk across the street.

Bring me a glass of water, please.

I'm not buying you another drink until you say sorry.

I wasn't born here, but I spent all of my early childhood here.

Ofer is really quiet.


I do the cleaning with the vacuum, and all the dust and the old apprehensions disappear.

Milner thought Rodger's offer was unreasonable.

He who seeks wisdom is a wise man, he who thinks he's found it is a fool.


The label warns that the contents of the box are fragile.

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Radek didn't believe Srinivasan at first.

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Do you think of me as a cool guy?

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Do you understand how this happened to you?

Had it not been for your cooperation, I could not have finished the work in time.

You're such a bad liar.


Yes, let's.

We expected him to support us.

Adlai's face suddenly went blank.

I just followed the recipe.

I think maybe you're wrong.

How will you stop her?

We went for a walk in the park.

I don't need to be here anymore.

We were high school sweethearts.

What do you think of this?

What I need is to have a friend.

Your eyesight needs testing.

We're all ears.


Bonnie's dog licked his hand.

Herb can't believe Audrey said that.

Marcel never for one moment imagined that he'd be able to get into Harvard.

He was disappointed about the result.

I promise that won't happen again.

Do you want your old job back?

I have one brother.

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Thanks for understanding.

Sigurd doesn't need to know who gave this to us.

Let's see how you like it.

I want you to get your own place.

How long were you gone?


Tarmi tried to stomp out the fire.

There is wet paint on the door.

It doesn't seem to make much sense, does it?

Apropros of nothing, the interviewer suddenly asked, "Would you ever consider voting for a Wiccan president?"

I spoke French to her.

I didn't realize you were tired.

Are you sure this isn't poison?

I watched him cross the street.

This picture reminds me of our happy days in England.


If you behave like a servant, you'll be treated like a servant.


The prisoner who escaped two days ago is still at large.

I spend as much time working in the garden in one day as my brother does in a week.

What did they say?


Phillip is supposed to be helping Pravin.

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I'm not a slut!

Hello. Are you Jackie Scott?

I have a fatigue problem.

We don't accept charity.

That was a horrible shock.

The road parallels the river.

I was hoping you and I could talk.


Please don't ask.

That wasn't exactly true.

Miriam knows he doesn't have much choice.

She looked at the picture.

Come on, it's late now, you should be in your bed by now.

We spent too much for this.

I know what that's worth.

I cannot manage without his support.

Keep walking straight ahead.

I told her I was just joking.

How did spend your summer holiday?


Bill, open the door.

The store happened to be crowded last night.

Please deposit your turd in the bag provided.

Let's not make any hasty decisions. Let's sleep on it.

Donal gave Connie a drink.

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A coward dies a thousand times before his death. The valiant never taste of death but once.

Floyd was obnoxious.

I told you it was stupid.

Edwin dried his hands with a towel.

How did you find out that I like this fish?

Kee told Bart to be home by 2:30.

They went to Bible camp.

Some of my friends are going to the movies tomorrow.

I have to do that every day to keep living.

Take care when you climb up the ladder.

There were few students left in the classroom.


She scratched her finger on a nail.


No one was arrested.

The brother of my grandmother's daughter could be both my uncle and my father.

He is advised to go on a strict diet.


Canada and Mexico both share a border with the USA.

If it should rain tomorrow, I won't play golf.

Why don't you play something for me?


It's not a big room, but it's beautiful.

I'm your new lawyer.

This is only known by Obama.

These words are derived from the same root.

Do you know how to deactivate a bomb?


I remember when we used to fight all the time.


His death made everyone sad.


He has no conscience.

I don't have any time for you right now.

I want to meet them.

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That doesn't sound too difficult.

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The plane will land before long.

The management has agreed to have talks with the workers.

Where did you find her?


Stephen knows who to give the message to.


Have you seen Paul today?

Summer vacation is soon.

Your dog always barks at me.

Douglas probably hates my guts.

The man must have succeeded in business by virtue of his efforts.


Deirdre removed the splinter from Pratap's finger.

You spend too much money.

Not everyone who wants to may be a gourmand.

The fruit of this tree is not to be eaten.

Saturn's atmosphere has winds which can blow at over 1800 kilometers per hour.


That sounds like a good idea.


Casper doesn't need to go if he doesn't want to.

This town was named after my great grandfather.

Don't you remember us?

I've got a job interview.

I had to be sure.

Unsaturated fats are essential to a healthy diet.

What is the reason you want to enter this college?


The wicked witch pushed her into the deep water.

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He used to love that.

She is always cheerful.

Rajesh's self-absorbed and rarely asks Russ how she's going.

If it didn't work why would you keep doing it?

Christofer has been placed under investigation.

Flash photography is not permitted beyond this point.

There were ten policemen at the scene.


I didn't see anything strange.

Leo started to roar when he was two years old.

I was only gone a few minutes.

I'm a business man.

Secular liberalism is the final religion, though its church is not of the other world but of this.