My watch was stolen last night.

Ernie will be next.

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Stevan doesn't like it when this kind of stuff happens.

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The classroom was almost empty.


Ole grimaced slightly.

In addition to English, she speaks French fluently.

I usually have dessert after dinner.

I'm so proud of them.

The work mostly consists of removing undergrowth and clearing away litter.

Edward pretty much kept to himself.

May I speak with you for a moment?

George hit him in the stomach.

Storms at sea impeded our progress.


We have to be there on time, so don't stand me up tomorrow!

Do you need something?

Oil is transported by tanker.

Claire isn't my brother.

I screamed but nobody could hear me.

I am a friend of Robert's.

Does Pedro have an older brother?

Unfortunately, your contribution breaks some grammatical rules.

I thought your concert went well yesterday.


Make sure Evelyn gets this.


My uncle always did well by us.

I am keen on learning English to a higher level. I want to take up my English skills to the next level!

Teri is cleaning his room.

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Antony used his secluded cabin in the woods as a getaway from his hectic life as a company director.


Sometimes rich people look down on other people who do not have much money.

Lucius is always playing video games.

Spyros picked up a rock and threw it.

They asked him.

I haven't bought a new coat in five years.

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He kissed me and left.

We can always count on Margaret.

Yaakov fed the sheep.

I didn't tell you because I didn't know.

Lawrence had no idea who Tarmi's father was.

Mayumi gathered her small change and bought a beach ball.

Mayo didn't have to tell me everything.


She is willing to stand up for her beliefs.

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Kuma the bear has been wrestling human martial artists to the ground for as long as I can remember.

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Spyros, there are people who think that you murdered these women.

In order to relax, I need to listen to soothing music.

I'm not too sure about this.

Linley can be relied on.

Thank you for baking this delicious cake.

I hate this job sometimes.

I don't think it's a difficult decision.

I forgot something in my car.

All of a sudden, my mother began to sing.


You should talk to him now.

Don't play dumb. I know you.

Those fated to meet will do so regardless of distance. Those not fated will not, even if they are across from one another.

Man has many wishes that he does not really wish to fulfil, and it would be a misunderstanding to suppose the contrary. He wants them to remain wishes, they have value only in his imagination; their fulfilment would be a bitter disappointment to him. Such a desire is the desire for eternal life. If it were fulfilled, man would become thoroughly sick of living eternally, and yearn for death.

Suddenly, she stopped and looked around.


The reason Indra has to go to the bathroom so often is that she drinks ten cups of tea a day.


We never know the destination.

We could've had some fun together.

Our baby can walk.

Pradeep doesn't like working in the garden.

"Do you like snakes?" "Obviously not."


His fingers ran swiftly over the keys.

There's no speed limit.

This is the house where she used to live.


I'm upset.

That student is very fast at running isn't he?

I bet Micheal still hasn't stopped laughing.


I bought this for him.


Fahrenheit is a German inventor who invented the thermometer. At the same time, his name is given to a unit of temperature.


I knew this day was coming.

The doctor says you're going to need a lot of rest.

The United States needed ten years of war in order to annihilate Iraq and divide it.

Why was Stevan doing that?

Lucius always calls me on my birthday.

Rathnakumar works at a nail salon.

The train went off the rails.

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When destiny calls, the chosen have no choice.


We put up at a lakeside hotel for the night.

Come on, we're almost there.

Miri had a key role in putting together this party.


Girl, what beautiful hair you have.

The large intestine absorbs water.

Bob can drive a car, too.

We arrived in New York at night.

I didn't want to cry in front of Luke.


I cooled the patient's head with ice.

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He who risks nothing, gains nothing.


Let's just get Griff out of here.


What fun would that be?


He dropped in on me.

I am so lonely.

She revealed the secret to him.

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They elected Taro captain of their team.

Greg is still too young to go to school.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened.

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In Singapore, it is a crime to spit on the ground.

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Which of you will go?

Are you sure Janos can't hear us?

Danny thinks you can do it.


I don't know the way.

I'll play it safe.

Venus has a retrograde rotation which means it rotates on its axis in the opposite direction from the Earth's rotation. This causes the Sun to rise in the west and move eastward across the sky.


How about a second helping?

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth.

I have a pretty good idea what happened there.


Do you really want to wait a year?

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We will just go to the market.

I bought one.

Shut up. I'm here to help you.

Until now, I've never been spoken to by a foreigner.

Chip thought I was flirting with him.

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You should've seen this coming.

It's not blood - it's ketchup.

This is the first time I've played this game.


He's been grounded for a week.

So you haven't seen her yesterday by chance?

Everything points to his guilt.


The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most famous landmarks in Germany.

Why is Sanche acting so childish?

We've got to do this now.

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You're doing really great.

There's a crown here.

Martin took a couple of eggs out of the refrigerator.

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Paula wasn't getting any help from anyone, so he gave up.

You can't imagine how humiliating this is.

Russ wants to disappear.


Protestants were in the majority.

I don't know how you did it.

I hear you well.

I will start early tomorrow, maybe I should go to bed soon.

This will be the house we are looking for.


Kathryn was arrested last month.

Charleen isn't a good leader.

He has been to the station to see his friend off.

I'm only three blocks away.

Would you like that?

I won't have time on Monday nor on Tuesday.

Russell's wife's name is Panacea.


This dish was recommended by the waiter.

Nice to see you again.

Alain was walking down the street with Suu at his side.


Don't arrive late at the railroad station.

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Starbuck tried the doorknob, but it was locked.


I can't convince Rudolf.

Is there something special about it?

Mikey changed the color of her hair.

How much did you pay for the labor on this?

They used that table.

Jesus should've known that we'd be here today.

They don't need me anymore.

Do you know either of the two girls?

I'm tired of arguing.

Tatoeba: We've got more sentences than your mom could ever say in her lifetime.

Jayant is a lighthouse keeper and leads a lonely life.