2013 Annual Review

Can I have more than one wish?

Why not?

Sydney, Strongsville

Does everyone who’s super get a cape?

Why not?

Max, Stow
Akron Children's Hospital Pediatrics Patient

Are smiles really contagious?

Why not?

Eliana, Green
Akron Children's Hospital Pediatrics Patient
Kids ask the unanswerable. They don’t recognize no or stop or shhhh.
Kids think that if it's imaginable — it's possible. And at Akron Children's, we think so too.
Welcome to a place where wonder begins.
Where maybe – might it – could we? Actually could be.
We’re Akron Children’s Hospital. Where the everyday culture of curiosity
has inspired us to question more. And dream more.
And think bigger. Just like our kids do.
This is a place for inventing and imagining and inspiring.
A place where absolutely anything is possible.

What if every side is the bright side?

year in review

Special Delivery:
For High-Risk Babies, Every Moment Counts

Akron Children’s Hospital has been taking care of babies and kids for 124 years. But when Ashton Daniell was born on May 10, 2013, it marked the first planned high-risk delivery in the hospital’s history.


Tough Stuff: Asthma, Infections Conquered with Antibody Infusions

When Paul Austin was 4 months old, he was admitted to the NICU for 3 weeks with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). When he was 9 months old, he was diagnosed with asthma and started to take multiple medications.


Pediatric Gastroenterologist Prevents Transfusion for Eight-Year-Old Ulcer Patient

Last Christmas didn’t go quite as planned for 8-year-old Jaydn Hinterman. She caught the flu the Monday before Christmas and ended up in the hospital after she vomited blood.


“Special delivery” team of 30 medical staff, specialists on hand for birth of imperiled baby


Akron Children’s Hospital receives $1.6 million grant for childhood trauma center

The Plain Dealer

Signs of Children’s growth sprouting in downtown Akron

Akron Beacon Journal

Akron Children’s to acquire North Canton pediatric practice

Akron Beacon Journal

Akron Children’s oversees pediatric care at Wooster Hospital

Akron Beacon Journal

Kohl’s Cares® donates $225,413 to Akron Children’s Hospital


Children’s Hospital Breaks Gound on $180 Million Addition

Akron Beacon Journal

Children’s Hospital Uses Kid-Shot Footage


Is funtasticability a word?

community commitment

Care in the Air:
Air Bear® Transport Helicopter Saves Precious Lives

Air Bear made 2,849 patient flights in 2013 – one of them for 14-month old Jace Coram. Unexpectedly experiencing multiple and prolonged febrile seizures, Jace was taken by ambulance to the nearest adult hospital.


Celebrating 5 Years: Like the Children We Serve, Beeghly Campus Continues to Grow

In 2013, our Beeghly Campus celebrated its fifth year of caring for children in the Mahoning Valley. Like our kids, we continue to grow.
(515) 218-0811


Pediatricians Help Manage the Physical and Emotional Challenges of Growing Up

Growing up isn’t easy. Transitioning from child to teenager and then young adult involves a great deal of physical and emotional change.
winter wagtail


Akron Children’s “Have a Heart, Do Your Part” radiothon with 98.1 WKDD raised $663,865 in 2013.

533 Change Bandits worked hard to raise $103,000 for the 2013 “Have a Heart, Do Your Part” radiothon.

Clear Channel Youngstown was honored as a Champion for Our Valley’s Children for their support of the hospital’s mission and fundraising efforts.

School health aides, or “moms” as they like to call themselves, take care of the medical needs of students in the Akron school system.

At our annual camps for children with burns, cancer, asthma and diabetes, kids can have fun and find support from other kids just like themselves.

Akron Children’s Hospital and Safe Kids in Summit County and the Mahoning Valley provide car seats at a discounted price for income-eligible families.

Nearly 1,200 runners, walkers and dogs participated in the 28th annual Kids Are #1 Run and Family Fun Day with proceeds benefitting Akron Children’s Locust Pediatric Care Group and Transport Services.

New moms – and their babies – gather every Wednesday for a breastfeeding support group to receive advice and encouragement from our lactation consultants and each other.

10 Akron Children’s employees performed at the Harvest for Hunger Idol contest, an annual fundraiser for the Akron/Canton and Mahoning Valley food banks.

Akron Children’s “Have a Heart, Do Your Part” radiothon with 98.1 WKDD raised $663,865 in 2013.

About 50 of our teenage cancer patients and their friends were picked up at the hospital and taken to Cleveland by limo to enjoy a memorable night at the 2013 A Prom to Remember.

Can a place be a wow?


Prematurity Prevention:
Program Aims to Reduce Risk of Preterm Births

Nationally, 1 in every 8 babies is born premature. These infants, born before 37 weeks gestation, are at greater risk for health problems – and death − than babies born at or after 37 weeks.


Game on: Pioneering ACL Procedures and Prevention in Young Athletes

Tears of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) – one of the 4 major ligaments in the knee – are common injuries in athletes, particularly among soccer, football and basketball players.


Epic Electronic Health Records Provide Secure, Instant Access to Patient Medical Info

During the past several years, we’ve undertaken a wide-reaching effort to transform patient care through information technology.


Do you ever stop growing up?

facts and stats

  • 2013 at a Glance
  • 2013 Overview
  • ER Visits
  • Visits (other)
  • Number of Beds
  • Transports
  • People
2013 at a Glance
2013 2012
adjusted patient days 149,259 153,692
inpatient average length of stay 7.7 7.8
total surgical cases 14,892 15,341
total outpatient visits 779,213 712,370
2013 Overview
total surgeries
total patient days
inpatient admissions
burn center admissions
NICU admissions
PICU admissions
ER Visits
95,676 total ER visits
Visits (Other)
total outpatient visits
school health clinic visits
primary care visits
subspecialty visits
Chidlren's home care visits
Number of Beds
Akron Campus
Beeghly Campus
Akron General Medical Center
Aultman Hospital
East Liverpool City Hospital
Robinson Memorial Hospital
St. Elizabeth Health Center
Summa Akron City Hospital
414 owned and leased beds
1,581 Critical Care Ground
830 Advanced Life Support
435 Air Bear®
4,751 Employees
703 Medical Staff
1,360 Volunteers
Leanne, Stow
Akron Children's Hospital Pediatrics Patient

Can you buy happiness?


Gross Patient Service Revenue* Dollar Amount** Percentage of Total
Medicaid $525,283 49.5
Commercial $487,494 45.8
Medicare $13,865 1.3
Other Government $11,988 1.1
Self-Pay $24,865 2.3
Total $1,063,495
Net Revenue*
Net Patient Services Revenue $551,762 88.5
Other Income $62,946 10.8
Contributions $5,529 0.9
Net Assets Released $3,046 0.5
Total $623,283
Total Expenses*
Wages & Benefits $378,694 65.1
Supplies & Services $160,854 27.6
Insurance $449 0.1
Depreciation & Interest $41,781 7.2
Total $581,778
* Consolidated
** In Thousands